U-13 Dubai Intercontinental Cup to commence with Maldivian team

The U-13 Dubai Intercontinental Cup is to be commenced this month with Maldivian team and prominent teams of Europe participating in the tournament.

In the tournament the Maldives has sponsored - teams from all over the world will be partaking in the event including the U-13 teams of Spain's Real Madrid and Barcelona, Germany's Bayern Munich, Italy's Inter Milan and Portugal's Porto FC. Teams from Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia will also participate in the competition.

The tournament that is directed by the former defender, Michel Salgado of Spain - will be held in Dubai from 13th February 2020 to 15th February 2020

While a promotional video of the tournament is released, the world-famous footballers have spoken about the competition. Among them are Roberto Carlos, Inter Milan, Marko Matarazi of Italy’s national team, Rivaldo - the veteran footballer of Brazil in addition to Salgado.

According to the tourism ministry, the government have sponsored the competition in order to provide opportunities to the young Maldivian teams and develop the sport within tourism diversification.

The Tourism Minister Ali Waheed "stated that this tournament will be a great step forward in the effort to market the Maldives and promote the ”Visit Maldives” campaign by the ministry", FAM