Maldives' sole-distributor of Indomei noodles launches new flavour

Lily Enterprises on Saturday launched a new flavour of the world-famous brand, Indomei noodles. Lily Enterprises is one of the entities that import dozens of food items to the Maldives.

In a ceremony held at the Agora supermarket located in Sosun Magu in the capital city Male' – the new flavour "Hot and Spicy" of Indomei brand was launched. According to Lily, this flavour of the noodles that was launched Saturday is a spicy flavour that is quite similar to Maldivian food flavours.

While the other flavours of Indomei noodles imported by Lily are available in most shops in the Maldives, the new flavour will also be available from now on said, Lily.

Indomei noodles is an Indonesian brand that exists since 1972. It is made by one of the largest producers of noodles. The brand is well known in Australia, Asia, Africa, New Zealand, the USA and many other countries.