JP to hold primary for three constituencies

Ruling coalition partner Jumhooree Party has revealed that the party will conduct its primary for three constituencies ahead of the upcoming local council election.

While the party closed application to contest for council seats and the Women's Development Committee in the party's primary earlier in January, the party on Monday said they are currently processing the applications.

Based on current information, the primary will likely be held for three constituencies: ADh. Maamigili, Fenfushi and Maafannu Hulhangu Uthuru constituency of Male' city. Leader of JP, Gasim Ibrahim comes from both Fenfushi and Maamigili, and the two islands massively support JP.

The party has decided to run for all seats of the Women's Development Committee election.

980 officials will be elected in the local council election slated for April 4. While 929 people will elected to Women's Development Committees, this is the first time such a large number of officials are being elected in one election.