UNODC, NCTC hold discussion on counter-terrorism

National Counter-terrorism Centre (NCTC) together with UNODC on held "National Round-table and Consultation on UNODC and Interpol's Support to the Maldives on Counter-terrorism" on Monday.

27 entities, including representatives from the Supreme Court, High Court, Criminal Court, Family Court, Department of Judicial Administration, Education Ministry, Economic Ministry, Youth Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Home Ministry, and Defense Ministry participated in the event funded by the relevant departments of the United Nations, the Interpol and the European Union.

Director General Brigadier of NCTC, Zakariyya Mansoor stated that these efforts were being initiated to safeguard the country against the negative effects of terrorism and extremism. He also said that aid from UNODC, UNDP, and the government of Japan would bring benefits to the Maldivian community. Zakariyya further stated that the centre had developed a "National Action Plan on Preventing Violent Extremism" with their aid.