MDP's mayoral candidate will receive 12,000 votes: Nasheed

President of main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has stated that the party's mayoral candidate will receive over 12,000 votes in the upcoming local council election.

Speaking at the MDP's National Council held Tuesday night, Nasheed said he does not doubt that MDP will be successful in the council elections.

Praising MDP's mayoral candidate for Male' city, Anas Abdul Sattar, Nasheed said Anas will receive 12,000 votes in the election, and it is unlikely that his closest contender would receive even 1500 votes.

"Mark my words, Anas will receive 12,000 votes from Male' city. I am very sure that God willing, Anas will receive 12,000 votes. I have no doubt about it. Even his closest contender cannot surpass 1500 votes," said Nasheed.

The former president of Maldives further acknowledged Anas' services as the party's Secretary General and thanked him for his contribution and efforts.

Opposing Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has revealed that the party will be represented by former Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu for Male' city mayor in the council elections slated for April 4. However, Muizzu has not made any formal announcements of his candidacy thus far. Currently, the government is looking into certain actions of Muizzu.

Speaking at the PPM-PNC's joint council meeting, Muizzu had accused the government of probing his actions for fear that he may run for mayor. He expressed concern on the matter and said while the investigations were prompted due to 'PPM's announcement', he is unsure of what would happen if he officially submitted his candidacy papers to run for mayor.