Should encourage children to engage in critical reading: First Lady

Highlighting the importance of teaching younger generations to be open minded and grow free from personal bias, First Lady Fazna Ahmed stated that we should encourage our children to engage more deeply with the text they peruse.

She made this statement while inaugurating the “Let's Read” program for children organized by Asia foundation. The inauguration ceremony was held Wednesday morning at Maldives National University (MNU).

Speaking at the ceremony, the First Lady noted that critical reading allows the reader to understand the author’s point of view and helps enrich children's minds through a more comprehensive understanding of the ideas and arguments presented in the book.

She also noted it is a beneficial life skill to understand different viewpoints and welcome different ideas before making judgments. Concluding the speech, the First Lady implored parents and teachers to encourage all children to read, learn and grow.

She also expressed gratitude to the Asia Foundation for their foresight to archive an unprecedented digital library of local language children's books while cultivating a sustainable network of authors and translators who are committed to creating meaningful reading opportunities.

This program is a joint initiative by Asia Foundation, MNU, National Institute of Education, Dhivehi Bahuge Academy and the National Library.