Human Rights Commission conducts training for police officers

Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has conducted a training programme for police officers.

The closing ceremony of the training programme was held at the Iskandar Koshi (a police building) near Maafannu Grounds which was chaired by MRCM’s president Aminath Eanaz and attended by senior officials of the Police Services.

Speaking in the ceremony, Eanaz stated that she hopes the knowledge gained through the programme will be practically applied.

She said the purpose of the programme is to teach the police officers the importance of dealing humanely without degrading anyway, no matter what the situation is when handling inmates and other people who are under their care.

“We hear mostly the negative actions of police officers. Even if one police officer acts negatively, it will be labelled as all the police officers. Therefore, we thought of enlightening the importance of humane behaviours within the police. Most of the times, when an issue arises we meet the with the senior officials and our messages are not conveyed to the lowers levels and that is one of the reasons for conducting this programme”, said Eanaz.

The police should be role models to the public, and all the police officers should pay attention to human rights in all of their actions.

The programme was conducted from 9 to 15 February - the participants and the employees of HRCM who conducted the training were awarded certificates during the closing ceremony.