Accident was a deliberate act by the deceased: Police

Maldives Police Services has revealed that the accident that occurred on Saturday night in which a man was killed was a deliberate act.

Police said they received reports of an accident that occured near the Petral area in capital Male' around 10:30 PM on Saturday night.

One of the motorcycles involved in the collision was driven by a 31-year old Maldivian man and had a 22-year old female passenger. While both people received multiple injuries in the collision, the man is being treated at privately-run ADK Hospital while the woman was taken to state-run IGMH.

The man who caused the accident was 26-year old Mohamed Midhuhath from H. Bluebird. Midhuhath passed away around 1:45 am while in treatment for multiple serious injuries, doctors said. According to the police, Midhuhath crashed into the second motorbike deliberately.

According to Police, both motorcyles involved in the accident were driven by unlicensed drivers.

The deceased was one of three men associated with the murder of S. Maradhoo Hudhuhiri Ahmed Mafaz that took place in December 2014.