MCS seeks party to carry out EIA at Neykurendhoo jail site

Maldives Correctional Service (MCS) is seeking a party to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) at the proposed location for the development of a prison in HDh. Neykurenedhoo.

Corrections stated that an information session will be held for interested parties on February 23. Bids for the project will be accepted on February 26, they revealed.

The decision to establish a high security prison in Neykurendhoo was initially made during former President Mohamed Nasheed's reign. The efforts were continued by his successor, former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom, and the current administration is also moving forward with the project.

Teams from the Home Ministry have visited the 21 hectares of land for inspection on several occasions. However, not much work has been completed on the project thus far.