Govt to offer scholarship opportunities to Dhiraagu

Minister of Higher Education, Ibrahim Hassan has stated that the ministry would try to provide scholarship opportunities to the country's largest telecommunication service provider Dhiraagu if requested.

A ceremony was held Tuesday to mark the graduation of 27 participants who completed Dhiraagu's 10th Apprentice Program. 17 participants joining the 11th Apprentice Program was welcomed at the same ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Hassan said the apprentice programme is being carried out by Dhiraagu without charging any fee from the participants. Therefore, If Dhiraagu wishes to obtain scholarship opportunities to expand the programme, the ministry will work towards providing such opportunities to Dhiraagu, said the minister.

During the past ten years, Dhiraagu has provided opportunities for 214 participants to pursue in various fields through the company's apprentice program.

The CEO and Managing Director of Dhiraagu, Ismail Rasheed said that the company has been preparing youth for the work environment through special training sessions conducted under the apprentice program. He further added that the programme is conducted and managed by employees of Dhiraagu.