Pres inaugurates Rinbudhoo 'Cultural Road', launches 'Mariyam-Maa' Campaign

As part of his current two-day visit to Nilandhe Atolhu Dhekunuburi Rinbudhoo, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Wednesday inaugurated Rinbudhoo 'Cultural Road' and launched the 'Mariyam-Maa' campaign.

Rinbudhoo 'Cultural Road' encompasses creative and expressive artwork highlighting Maldivian heritage and folklore. The road also serves as a showcase for local talent and an outlet for communal productivity and artistry.

The island’s councillors highlighted that the 'Cultural Road' was developed as a strategy for promoting local tourism in the Island. The artwork on the road was conceived with the generous assistance from members of the Maldivian Artists Community (MAC).

During the event President handed out certificates of appreciation to the artists who contributed in the artwork done on the cultural road of Rinbudhoo. The President also witnessed the cultural items and along with the enactment of day-to-day livelihoods of the islanders.

The 'Mariyam-Maa' campaign, also launched today, is an awareness program promoting systems to improve the health and well-being of infants and pregnant women. The campaign is targeted chiefly towards new parents and infants.

This program includes financial and other assistance needed by pregnant women. President Solih also handed out fruit baskets to initiate the program. Moreover, the Island Council presented a commemorative gift to the President.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih departed on his 2-day trip to Rinbudhoo Island Wednesday afternoon to attend the Golden Jubilee Anniversary celebrations of Rinbudhoo School as the Guest of Honour.