Council Election: Foreign Minister optimistic about MDP winning all seats

Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid has stated that there is no reason to vote for any party other than main-ruling party Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) in the upcoming local council election slated for April 4.

Speaking at a campaign rally held by MDP on Friday night, Minister Shahid said that the decentralization policy was introduced by MDP and it is MDP that wishes to proceed with the system and has the knowledge to implement it. Thus, there is no reason to vote for any party other than MDP, said the Foreign Minister.

Using a metaphorical expression, Shahid said that, the decentralization system is MDP's "baby" and the party would never neglect or disown it.

He said that it is MDP that advocates for empowering women, and works towards involving women in the leadership of the country and that there is no other party that supported the changes that were brought to the decentralization act to empower women further and strengthen women's roles. While the other parties were against, it is only MDP candidates that are winning the seats designated for women, and there is no reason for others to win those seats, added Minister Shahid.