New board members appointed to MATI

New members have been appointed to the board of Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI).

The new board members were appointed at the association's 30th Annual General Meeting held Sunday at Kurumba Maldives. Tourism Minister Ali Waheed was in attendance at the ceremony.

In addition to the association's Chairman Mohamed Umar Manik and Secretary General Ahmed Nazeer, 84 members of the association were present at the assembly. The new board members were elected by taking a vote among the members.

The newly elected board members are Mohamed Umar Manik as Chairman, Hussain Afeef and Solah Shihab as Vice Chairpersons, Ahmed Nazeer as Secretary General, Ahmed Hafeez as Financial Controller, Assad Ali as Deputy Secretary General and Ahmed Siyam Mohamed, Iyaz Waheed, Ibrahim Nooraddin, Visha Mahir, Ismail Shiyan Gasim, Ibrahim Siyad Gasim, Zulaikha Manik, Moosa Salih and Aishath Neena Ahmed as Executive Board Members.