Auditor's report reveals misuse of embassy funds

Auditor General's report has revealed that Faisal Ibrahim, son of opposing Peoples' National Congress (PNC)'s president Abdul Raheem Abdulla spent over MVR 72,000 in embassy funds to purchase prescription sunglasses for himself and his spouse during his employment at the Maldivian Embassy in Malaysia.

According to the 2018 audit report on Foreign Ministry publicized by the Auditor General's Office on Sunday, all staff employed at the Malaysia Embassy are enrolled in a health insurance scheme of the country. However, the findings of the AG Office show services sought outside of the insurance scheme were financed under the embassy budget.

In this regard, the minister - counsellor in appointment during the period had purchased "Prada" branded glasses for himself and his spouse, and incurred an expense of MVR 72,438 which was paid by the Embassy, said the report. This is against regulations, it noted.

Although the name of the minister - counsellor is not mentioned in the report, Faisal Ibrahim was fulfilling the post during the relevant time period.

The report further noted that the Maldivoan Ambassador to Malaysia at the time had used MVr 26,360 in embassy funds to pay for medical checkups for himself and his spouse.

The ambassador at the time was former president of the Civil Service Commission Mohamed Fahmy Hassan.

The audit report said they believe both expenses to be against the regulations on the provision of allowances and other incentives to those employed at diplomatic missions.

In a previous incident, Faisal came under fire after it was revealed that he owed a large sum of money to national carrier Maldivian for tickets issued. However, he was quick to settle the payment after the issue came to light.