COVID-19: HPA issues travel advisory for seven countries

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has issued a travel advisory for seven countries due to the coronavirus spreading across the globe.

According to a statement issued by HPA on Sunday, other than China, the deadly virus infection has been identified in South-East Asian countries in people who have not been to China. Travel restrictions imposed by multiple countries have failed to contain the virus from spreading.

Therefore as a precautionary measure, HPA has advised to be cautious travelling to Japan, Singapore Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Iran and Italy, and urged those traveling overseas to find out the extent to which the virus has spread in the particular country. HPA further advised to identify and avoid severely affected areas, and to familiarize themselves of the protective measures and advisories issued by the government of the respective country, and to remain vigilant in taking the necessary precautionary measures.

As a precautionary measure against COVID-19 that originated from Wuhan city of China, the government of Maldives has banned arrivals from China and have suspended direct inbound flight from China.

The death toll due to the virus has reached over 2400 while 78,000 have been identified infected with the virus across the globe.