ADK Hospital conducts aneurysm operations

ADK Hospital (ADK) has done successful aneurysm operations. An aneurysm is widening weakened arterial walls due to clogs.

In a news conference held by ADK on Tuesday morning, Managing Director of ADK Ahmed Afaal said that ADK has successfully completed three such operations. He said that when a person is diagnosed with an aneurysm, it can be corrected with a minor operation and such operations are now possible at ADK Cath Lab before it gets deteriorated and ruptured.

An aneurysm surgery is expanding the arteries with coils to prevent it from getting ruptured when the arteries get clogged due to brain disease or other medical condition. According to Dr Ali Niyaf, who is a specialist in neurology said with the minor operation it would solve the issue, and prevent having a stroke.

Niyaf added that in most cases by the time it is diagnosed the arteries will be ruptured, and blood is released to subarachnoid space around the brain. In such cases, there will not be much that can be done to save the patient, and such operations are not usually successful.

“12 people have visited ADK having symptoms of such conditions. However, only three people have undergone aneurysm - which is a minor operation. These people have to stay at the hospital for a maximum of 5 days, and the operations are very successful. Aneurism can be detected now by undergoing MRI, scans or angiography. Instead of having to undergo a major brain surgery it can be solved by expanding the artery with a stench before it gets worse,”, said Niyaf.

Afaal said earlier such operations were done in overseas. However, now it is possible to undertake such operations in the Maldives. The operations are quite expensive and that a common citizen will not be able to afford such an operation and needs the government’s assistance. However, all the operations done thus far are completed without the government insurance “Aasandha” coverage. But that they have provided the information to the government to include in the Assandha scheme.