COVID19: Lockdown on Summer Island lifted; cases confirmed negative

The lockdown imposed on Summer Island Resort has been lifted after all seven suspected cases of COVID-19 tested negative.

The island was put on lockdown after two French tourists holidaying on the island developed symptoms of COVID-19. Some employees at the resort also developed similar symptoms.

However, test results confirmed that they were not infected with COVID-19. Therefore, the lockdown imposed on the island has now been lifted, said the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

Two cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed thus far in the Maldives. Two expatriate employees at Kuredu Island Resort tested positive for the virus. They contracted the virus from an Italian tourist who recently holidayed at the island, and tested positive for the virus upon his return to Italy.

Currently, Bathala Island Resort is also on lockdown after an Italian tourist at the island developed symptoms of the virus. The results are pending.