Health Minister urges public not to panic

Health Minister Abdulla Ameen has advised the citizens of Fokaidhoo island and the public not to panic due to Covid-19 and informed that a situation has not occurred that people should panic.

While two employees of Lh. Kuredu Island Resort have tested positive for the virus, an employee of the resort who is currently on leave in Foakaidhoo is suspected of having contracted virus and is to be transported to Farokolhufushi Quarantine Centre near the capital Male’ for further testing and isolation.

In a news conference held on Sunday night, Health Minister Abdulla Ameen said upon exhibiting symptoms of the virus, an employee of Kuredou Resort who is in Sh. Foakaidhoo has been isolated at his home, and the ministry is monitoring his condition.

Minister Ameen said test samples can be taken in each island of the Maldives and employees at the islands are trained for that. Therefore, there is no need to panic, said the minister.

“It is highly necessary to follow the instructions of health authorities and the government. Each island of the Maldives is on standby. A situation has not occurred where Foakaidhoo citizens must panic ”, said Minister Ameen.

To contain the virus, the government is painstakingly working on the preventive measures and treatment protocols, said Minister Ameen. In that regard, contact trace of the two employees infected from Kurehdhoo is underway including testing people with symptoms.

The Maldivian travelled to Foakaidhoo after an Italian tourist who recently holidayed in Kuredu Island Resort tested positive for COVID-19 upon his return to Italy. While two people have tested positive for the virus on the island, the island has been placed on lockdown with 699 tourists, including 11 from Italy, 270 local employees and 420 expatriate employees.

Italy is one of the countries that is worst hit by the virus outbreak at the moment. The government has indefinitely suspended arrivals from Italy and work is underway to send Italian tourists back to their country.

While Kuredu Resort has been placed on the orange alert, the government has been providing the necessary assistance to the resort. The government is closely monitoring the situation on the island.