Police to check if people isolated at home goes out

The government has said on Wednesday, the police are checking if the people that are isolated at home after travelling abroad, goes out.

The government has asked those who came back from Mecca after an Umra (small optional pilgrimage to mecca) to be isolated at home and not to go out, . However, some people have raised concern that such people might go out.

Regarding the issue, the spokesperson Marook Azeez, assigned to revealed information over the outbreak of the virus said the police will hand over a document revealing how such people should behave.

“the police have said they will keep an eye on such people to see If they hang out”, said Mabrook.

Those are being isolated at home have to be in that way for two weeks. During that people HPA will monitor their conditions as well as their family member’s conditions.

Saudi Arabia has suspended the pilgrimages to Mecca these days due to fear of a major outbreak. However, even after the suspension, some people from the country have tested positive for the virus. Hence, the government of the state has further strengthened its cautionary measures. The country suspended Umra entry on the day people who came back on Wednesday departed for the Umra.

Thus far eight people have tested positive for Covid-19 in the Maldives. That is two expatriate employees from Kurehdhoo Resort, two Italian tourists, two tourists from Bathala resort and two foreigners from Kuramathi Resort, said HPA.