COVID-19: Water Company donates 1-ton water for every household

Following the declaration of a public emergency in the Maldives, the Maldives Water and Sanitation Sewerage Company (MWSC) has decided to donate 1-ton water for every household of the Maldives.

Owing to COVID-19, the public health emergency was announced in the Maldives on Thursday for 30 days. The spokesperson of the government Mabrook Azeez has said on Saturday night, MWSC has decided to donate 1-ton water for every household.

While 10 people have been detected in the Maldives infected with the virus, all of them are foreigners.

At the moment 13 resorts are in lockdown and from 18:00 hours on Saturday, it has been banned travel to and from any resort in the Maldives.

Subsequently, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has undertaken three main cautionary measures. In that regard, HPA has banned arrival of tourists to guest houses and hotel in the capital city, Male’, banned arrivals of tourists from resorts to the islands, and urged to close universities and educational institutes for two weeks Moreover, schools reopening has been delayed for a week, after first term holiday. However, arrangements are being made to teach online.

Furthermore, the government has banned arrivals from Spain, France, and certain cities of Germany as well as have banned arrivals from China, Iran, Bangladesh, Italy and certain cities of South Korea.