Man who arrived from Sri Lanka being tested for COVID-19

A foreigner on a vessel named “Alion” will be tested for COVID-19 after displaying symptoms suspected to be of COVID-19. The ship arrived in the Maldives on 17 March from Sri Lanka.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) said the vessel will be under the monitoring of HPA until test results come back.

The government has banned arrivals from Sri Lanka, as well as other countries severely affected by the virus.

In the Maldives, 13 people have tested positive for the virus thus far, out which three have now recovered. While the total number of active cases is 10, all are foreigners.

The Maldives has stepped up its testing capacity and is currently testing even those with the slightest symptoms of the virus. In that regard, over 500 samples have been taken thus far, of which most results had come back negative. It has been six days since no new case has been identified in the Maldives.

The government has declared a state of public health emergency for a period of 30 days in the Maldives and has been taking numerous measures to contain the spread of the virus. Schools, educational institutions and government offices have been closed as a precautionary measure. Furthermore, the government has been encouraging social distancing, and temporarily halted congregational prayers and dine-in facilities at restaurants and cafe's. The public has been advised not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary.

The government has also banned arrivals from several countries and is quarantining Maldivians who arrive from overseas for 14 days. In additional, arrivals of tourists to guest houses, hotels have been banned, and the arrival of yachts as well as safaris have also been banned temporarily.