COVID-19: Man from safari arrested for violating restrictions

A local man who disembarked from a safari has been arrested for violating restrictive measures imposed on the vessel.

The police said the 32 year old man had disobeyed instructions issued by the Director General of Public Health to remain in isolation on the vessel. While he was arrested on Saturday in Hulhumale', he is also accused of giving false information to the police.

The man has been remanded into custody for 5 days.

The State of Public Health Emergency has been declared in the Maldives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 13 people have tested positive for the virus in the Maldives thus far. While stringent measures have been adopted to deal with the situation, the authority to issue directives has been granted to the Director General of Public Health.

In this regard, travel between local resorts have been restricted as well as travel from resorts to residential islands.