COVID-19: Maldivian students in Pakistan, Philippines to return home

The government has revealed that they are making arrangements to evacuate Maldivian students in Pakistan and Philippines.

Government spokesperson for COVID-19 related matters, Mabrook Azeez Monday said 13 Maldivian students in Pakistan wished to return to the Maldives. However, as Pakistan has suspended all arrivals to its airports, the Foreign Ministry is working out a travel route for their return to the archipelago, said Mabrook.

Similarly, Maldivian students in Philippines also wish to return to the Maldives, said Mabrook, adding that they have been unable to purchase seats for their return due to fully booked flights. The government is also attempting to work out a travel route for the students, said Mabrook, assuring that he Foreign Ministry is in close contact with the students in both countries.

91 Maldivians returned to Maldives from abroad on Sunday. All inbound arrivals will now have to spend a 14-day quarantine period at a state-designated quarantine facility.

13 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the Maldives, out of which five have now recovered. All infected individuals are either foreign employees or tourists visiting the Maldives. The number of active cases is currently eight.