Due to travel restrictions tourism sector will come to closure: Pres Solih

The president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said, after the travel restriction due to Covid-19, 50 resorts of the Maldives have been closed for the time being.

The president stated that in a news brief held on Wednesday to provide information on the measures taken by the government to contain the spread of Covid-19.

President Solih revealed, from next Friday onward on arrival visa will be suspended in the Maldives and with that overseas arrivals will be ceased. After the suspension of on arrival visa, tourists cannot arrive in the Maldives, and the operation of the resorts will come to a halt.

President Solih further said, even now 50 resorts have been shut down, and in the coming two weeks all the resorts will come to a closure. It is expected the tourists currently in the Maldives would be departed within two weeks.

Even if the resorts are shut down, the safety measures will continue, said the president. In that regard, the employees of the resorts shall remain in the resorts until 14 days from the departure of the last tourist in the particular resort. Moreover, after 14 days the employees shall be allowed to depart from the respective resort.