Pres gives hope of lower internet charges

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that in the current condition, it is believed the prices of internet services should be much lower and discussion are underway. He said information about it will be shared with the public soon.

In a news brief held on Wednesday, president Solih has indicated internet charges will be reduced.

President Solih said, in the current global pandemic situation, the use of internet services has escalated and with that, the price of internet services shall be lower. He further said more details will be provided in two or three days’ time.

“In Sha Allah, in two or three days’ time we will share further details with the public,” said president Solih.

Reducing the prices of internet services is a president pledge of the president Solih. The voice of reducing internet prices has become louder amid Covid-19 pandemic. While health experts have been advising to stay at home as a precautionary measure, to support it further several countries have been reducing the price of internet services. Besides, some countries have exempted charging for internet during this period. The current administration of the Maldives vowed to reduce the prices of the internet from the year 2023 onward.

Galolhu Dhekunu MP of Male’ city, Mikael Ahmed Naseem has proposed to summon Communication Authority to the parliament regarding the issue of reducing the prices of internet services.

In a letter addressed to the Speaker of Parliament he stated, in these days’ while employees are forced to work from home and students being forced to study online, internet services have become a basic necessity.

However, he noted the telecommunication service providers have not provided any leeway for the public. He further stated that despite having the authority to regulate, reduce and control the prices of the service providers, the Communication Authority of Maldives has not taken any measure on the issue.

Hence, he has requested to summon the head of the authority to parliament for questioning why the authority is not fulfilling its responsibilities.

Telecommunication Authority of Maldives has the authority to regulate, control and decide the prices of such services as per the Telecommunication Act, article 17 (a) and point number 38 of the regulation developed under the act.