President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

Discussions still ongoing to reduce internet charges

The government has revealed that the discussions regarding reducing internet charges are still ongoing.

During a press conference held Wednesday, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had indicated internet charges will be reduced in the upcoming days. The president acknowledged that internet usage had increased significantly in the face of the current global COVID-19 pandemic, and that he believed that this needs addressing. The government will share information in relation to the issue within the next few days, the president had said.

"God willing, we will share information in relation to this issue within the next few days," the president said.

While three days have passed since the announcement, neither the government nor service providers have provided any information on the matter. However, during a press conference held Saturday, government spokesperson for COVID-19 related matters, Mabrook Azeez said discussions are still ongoing.

“The work [ regarding reducing internet prices] is ongoing. I am aware that even today some meetings were held regarding the issue. I believe an exact answer can be given tomorrow. Discussions are being held with Dhiraagu and Ooredoo”, said Mabrook.

Reducing the prices of internet services is a presidential pledge of President Solih. Several countries have been reducing internet service prices in a bid to encourage people to stay at home during the current COVID-19 global pandemic. Politicians and the public alike have been making demands to similarly reduce prices in the Maldives. The current administration of the Maldives vowed to reduce the prices of the internet next year.