Dhiraagu offers free data package to teachers, students

Telecommunication service provider, Dhiraagu has offered one month data package with free mobile data for students and teachers.

Dhiraagu said they decided to offer the package collaboratively with the Education Ministry to support remote educational mediums. The aim is to ease the burden of internet charge with the increase in usage since schools, and higher educational institutions have been closed due to COVID-19.

According to the company, with the closure of schools and educational institutions, the use of internet has become a necessary source for education. Hence, to enable and facilitate various remote educational mechanisms in the current situation, such as through conducting virtual classes and e-learning, a free data package of 5-GB will be provided for a month, said Dhiraagu.

The data will be available for students and teachers who use Dhiraagu postpaid and prepaid, Mamen and other mobile services of Dhiraagu, whose information Education Ministry has shared with Dhiraagu.

Due to COVID-19, Dhiraagu has been working jointly with the relevant authorities to facilitate remote education. The company has offered 30% extra data for residential fixed broadband customers this month.

Dhiraagu hopes the provision of the free data package it will enable pupils and teachers to get access to remote classes, offer online classes and make use of other remote mediums. Dhiraagu urges to be responsible in using internet services at this critical time.