Parliament committee to hold virtual meeting with ministers

The Economic Committee of the parliament will be holding a virtual meeting with the four cabinet ministers to obtain information on and to study the economic package introduced by the government to curb economic challenges faced due to COVID-19.

The economic committee is studying 17 aspects of the economic package relevant to the committee. A committee meeting was held in the form of as web conference to explore those aspects.

In the economic committee’s meeting, MP of Dhuvaafaru, Ismail Ahmed proposed to obtain written information on the 17 points that the committee is studying, from the relevant ministries. That is; Economic Ministry, Fisheries Ministry, Tourism Ministry, and Finance Ministry.

MP of Milandhoo, Ali Riza proposed, after obtaining written information about the economic package, to have a web conference meeting with the relevant four ministers. They are; Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail, Fisheries Minister Zaha Waheed, Tourism Minister Ali Waheed, and Finance Minister, Ibrahim Ameer.

As per the regulation of the parliament, if relevant officials are to be summoned by a parliament committee, a minimum of five days’ notice should be given. However, due to the current situation, the committee decided to summon the ministers at the earliest possible date the ministers can attend.

Debating on the proposal of the main ruling party’s (MDP) parliamentary group leader Ali Azim, to decide on what can be done to increase the productivity of the economic package of MVR 2.5 million that the government has introduced, it has been decided to study the proposals of the members, by the respective committees.

The issue was debated at the parliament in a series of web conference sittings held last week. 72 out of 87 members participated in the sittings. This is the first time such a large number of members participated in the parliament meeting since the 19th parliament took office.