COVID-19: Over MVR 5.7 mln issued as income support

Gender Ministry has stated that over MVR 5.7 million has been issued as income support to individuals whose income has been severely affected due to COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Ministry, as of now, a total MVR 5,759,448.05 has been issued to 1450 people. As per the income support guideline publicised by Economic Ministry, individuals whose income is adversely affected by COVID-19 will be paid MVR 5000 for three months.

According to the Economic Ministry, the guideline has been compiled based on article 23.6 of the Public Accounts Act. Any Maldivian who was employed and whose income was severely affected owing to COVID-19 pandemic will be eligible for the income support allowance. The allowance will be paid to those who were employed temporarily or permanently and those on probation before March 1.

The guideline states that an individual will be eligible for the allowance if the person does not receive more than MVR 5000 from any other source. If the person received an income less than MVR 5000, then the person will be paid the balance figure after deducting the income he/she receives from the other sources.

Numerous people have raised concern after their application for income support allowance was rejected.