COVID-19: Over MVR 18 mln issued as income support

The government has issued MVR 18.1 million for the people who lost their employment or whose income are impacted due to COVID-19 pandemic.

As per the income support report publicised, as of July 16, over MVR 18.1 million has been issued to 4,525 people as income support among the individuals who lost employment or whose income has been severely affected due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The guideline on Economic Relief Package states that an individual will be eligible for the allowance if the person does not receive more than MVR 5000 from any other source. If the person received an income less than MVR 5000, then the person will be paid the balance figure after deducting the salary he/she receives from the other sources.

With the implementation of the Relief Package, the World Bank has decided to provide USD 12.8 million to the Maldives, that will enable assistance for 13,000 people who lost employment or whose income is severely impacted.

A joint study conducted by UNDP and Economic Ministry has revealed that the pandemic impacted 45,000 people working in the tourism industry. According to Tourism Employers Association, over 11,000 employees working in the tourism sector were furloughed. Additionally, research conducted by Maldives National University showed 5 in every 10 people’s income among the people who participated in the study were affected.