No additional permits required for returning expats: Ministry

Arrangements have been made such that expatriates employed in the Maldives with valid employment approvals can return to the Maldives without obtaining an additional permit.

An announcement made by the Economic Ministry said the policy that was being followed before the Maldives reopened its borders on Tuesday, under which expatriates returning to the Maldives were required to obtain a special permit, has now been lifted.

With this change, all work visa holders who traveled back to their countries in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic can return to Maldives. However, those returning must inform the Economic Ministry 48 hours prior to traveling via the submission of a designated form.

The economic activities in the Maldives declined due to the COVID-19 pandemic when the country closed its borders in March, and several expatriate workers returned to their countries, including resort workers. However, while Maldives has reopened its borders on Tuesday, a large number of workers are expected to return in the following weeks.