Over MVR 2.5 mln incurred as COVID-19 related expenses: Gender ministry

The Gender Ministry has stated that the ministry has incurred an expense of MVR 2.5 million until now for COVID-19 related work undertaken by the ministry.

The Ministry has been playing a crucial role in response to COVID-19 pandemic. In that respect, the authority has been assisting Maldivians stranded overseas due to the closure of countries' borders, and have been providing temporary shelters for those who are displaced. The ministry has also been providing essential food for people socioeconomically impacted due to the pandemic.

The Gender Ministry on Sunday revealed details of the expenditure incurred in relation to COVID-19.

• For people who had been to overseas for medical treatment on their own expense: MVR 892,997.29
• For people who travelled overseas for medical treatment on government insurance company’s coverage: MVR 298,562.04
• Food: MVR 1,902,851.20
• Providing shelters: MVR 96,000
• Food - care package 53
• Individual families – care packages 272
• Food for people at temporary shelters and on lockdown 50,314 meals
• Other: MVR 589,495.27

According to the Gender Ministry, they have provided temporary shelters for 397 people, and 112 people were provided temporary shelters among the 252 people who reported that they were unable to afford rent.

The funds were arranged from Zakat Fund, UNICEF, Finance Ministry, Bandeyri Pay and Canada Fund. That is; MVR 1 million from Zakat Fund, MVR 360,000 from UNICEF, MVR 1 million from Finance Ministry, MVR 187,150 from Bandeyri Pay, and a commitment of 1,5 million from Canada Fund, said the ministry.