Airline remains committed to serving the people: Maldivian

National airline Maldivian has stated that the company would not go bankrupt due to the negative impacts of COVID-19.

Speaking to AVAS, Managing Director of Maldivian, Mohamed Rizvee Tuesday said the airline is committed to serving the people of the nation. Although the current situation is detrimental to the company's finances, the company would continue providing services to the community, said Rizvee.

Rizvee said the company has plans that would help the airline recover the damages caused to the company due to the global pandemic.

"We are currently facing a lot of setbacks, and a lot of expenditure is being incurred. The aviation industry has a high operation cost. However, our company will hopefully survive [this situation] and provide even better services in the future," said Rizvee.

The national airline plays a crucial role in aiding the government at this vulnerable time. While all other local airlines have halted regional operations, Maldivian continues to operate flights to the atolls.

"We are currently carrying out a large-scale seaplane operation. We are assisting in transporting doctors to isolation facilities and the delivery of samples for testing," he added.

Maldivian is also transporting goods to the Maldives at rates lower than the market prices. The airline is also assisting in repatriating Maldivian nationals stranded in Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia.

Rizvee said all passengers are carried according to the guidelines issued by the Health Protection Agency. The airline is prioritizing the repatriation of those who have traveled abroad for medical treatment under the national health insurance scheme, said Rizvee.