Govt to issue allowance to those who lose employment

The Maldives government will be issuing a three-month allowance for individuals who are laid-off from employment due to COVID-19.

The Finance Ministry on Tuesday shared details of the economic relief package announced by the government to mitigate the losses caused due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Under the package, the government will be taking seven important steps to recover the country's economy, including the issuance of an allowance for those who lose their jobs amid the current crisis. The allowance will be issued from this month onwards, at the end of each month for a period of three months.

The government said only those who register themselves on the government's job center portal will be entitled to receive the allowance. Details on registration and eligibility will be shared soon, said the government.

The Economic Ministry has requested all individuals whose jobs have been affected in terms of pay and allowances to report the changes to the job center established at the ministry. The government has revealed that 723 complaints have already been lodged on the portal. Spokesperson of the COVID-19 taskforce, Mabrook Azeez said 185 complaints are regarding termination.

Most of the cases registered on the job portal are complaints of being placed on no-pay leaves. 245 such cases have been lodged on the portal thus far.

113 complaints have been filed due to pay cuts, and 72 complaints of half-pay. 44 complaints of pay cuts from basic salary have also been filed, as well as 64 people who have been suspended from their posts.