Officers briefed on funeral procedures for deceased COVID-19 patients

MNDF officers have been briefed on how to handle the funeral procedures of COVID-19 patients.

The Islamic Ministry on Monday said the training was conducted on the advise of health authorities.

15 officers took part in the training which covered detailed explanations of the procedure to follow in handling bodies of deceased COVID-19 patients.

According to the Islamic Ministry, the bodies of the deceased will be purified through 'Tayammum' instead of being washed with water, in order to respect and fulfill the religious rites of the deceased. Tayammum is the Islamic act of dry ritual purification using purified sand or dust. Islam prohibits the bodies of the deceased from being cremated.

A special guideline has been established on how to carry out funeral services, paying last respects to the deceased and the 'Janaza' prayers of deceased COVID-19 patients.