COVID-19: Health may deteriorate without exhibiting symptoms, warns HPA

Member of the Health Protection Agency’s Technical Advisory Group and Internal Medicine doctor at state-run IGMH, Dr. Moosa Murad has stated that the number of people whose condition due to COVID-19 deteriorates unexpectedly without having previously exhibited significant symptoms are increasing.

The number of people testing positive for COVID-19 in the Maldives have been increasing over the past few weeks, with the daily number of positive cases hovering above 100 since the beginning of the month. Eight COVID-19 deaths have been recorded thus far this month while 3,400 people tested positive and four deaths were recorded earlier in January.

Speaking at a press conference held by the Health Emergency Operation Centre (HEOC) on Monday, Dr. Murad said recent hospitalizations include those younger in age, and the number of middle-aged people who require hospitalization have increased dramatically. 162 people are currently hospitalized while two are admitted in the Intensive Care Unit. One is on ventilator support.

Dr. Murad said although symptoms of the virus are not exhibited, the condition of people whose heath deteriorates swiftly is increasing day by day. This is a cause for concern, said the doctor.

While 18,930 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the Maldives thus far, the number of active cases is 2,512. All who test positive are not taken to quarantine facilities, and some remain in quarantine at their homes due to lack of space. Dr. Murad urged those with COVID-19 to inform authorities at the earlier if they feel their condition is worsening.

Noting that there may be some tests and laboratory investigations required from those in home quarantine, Murad said some refuse to cooperate and do the tests assuming that their condition is well. Although serious symptoms may not be exhibited, internal issues may have occurred due to the virus, said the doctor.