COVID-19: Spike in cases due to non-compliance, says public health expert

Public Health Specialist Dr. Sheena Moosa has stated that the number of COVID-19 cases continue to increase despite precautionary measures due to lack of adherence to the regulations.

The Maldives has recorded 6,660 positive cases and 26 deaths. The number of cases have been surging over the past couple of weeks. Under efforts to curb the spread of the virus the government has made the use of masks when out in public compulsory in addition to imposing a curfew from 10pm to 5am. In its latest move, HPA introduced a vehicle use restriction from 8om to 5am to minimize social gatherings of the youth.

In an interview given to local channel, RaajjeTV on Sunday, Dr. Sheena said the number of positive cases has increased drastically and that the number of people who require hospitalisation are also increasing significantly. Despite the measures taken to minimize the spread, the numbers continue to increase because both the public and institutions fail to effectively obey the regulations in place, said the doctor. She added that the government’s efforts alone cannot minimize the spread, and emphasized that the collaborative effort of both the public and the government are necessary to achieve the goal.

Dr. Sheena said the sensible step would be to lockdown the country once again until the spread of the virus is brought under control. There is a need for the HEalth Protection Agency, HPA to review the current measures in place and introduce further restrictions, said Dr. Sheena.

Noting that the Maldives has a low testing capacity, over 600 positive cases may be recorded in a day if adequate testing is carried out, said Dr. Sheena. The current figures indicate that the number of infections within the community are very high, she warned.