COVID-19: Two expatriates working at Hulhumale' Medical Facility site tests positive

Two expatriate workers involved in the construction of the new Hulhumale' Medical Facility have tested positive for COVID-19.

Spokesperson of National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC), Mabrook Azeez confirmed the reports, although he did not reveal further details.

It has been reported that the two expatriates are employees of a private construction company.

The Maldives recorded its highest single-day jump in positive cases on Sunday, with 73 new cases. The most recent 23 cases were identified during NEOC's press conference on Sunday night, therefore, details of the cases have not yet been shared. The two expatriates who worked on the construction of the medical facility are among the newly identified cases.

The government has been working on the construction of a medical facility in Hulhumale' to isolate and treat COVID-19 related patients. While the government initially hoped to have the facility ready by April 15, the project has not reached completion to date. MNDF officers are leading the project, and employees of other official entities are also assisting in the construction of the facility. Private sector construction companies also play a large role in the construction of the facility.