COVID-19 related expenditure at MVR 665 mln by end of April

The Finance Ministry has revealed that the government's total spending towards COVID-19 related efforts stood at MVR 665.4 million as of April 30.

According to the newly published COVID-19 Weekly Spending Report, spending committed by the Ministry of Health and National Disaster Management Authority contributed to 91.2 percent of all spending. Majority of spending on COVID-19 related efforts has been towards the procurement of medical consumables and equipment, and the provision of financial assistance to purchase staple food to reinforce food security, said the report.

As per the report, MVR 353.9 million was spent on supplies and requisites for service provision, and MVR 110.6 was spent on grants, contributions and subsidies. MVR 94.2 was spent on capital equipment and MVR 45.3 was incurred for land and buildings. A further MVR 32.2 million was spent as operational services, and MVR 20.7 million on supplies and requisites. The remaining MVR 8.4 million was spent on repairs and maintenance and on travel expenses.