Islands unaffected by COVID-19 permitted to resume sports activities

The Youth Ministry has given permission to resume sports activities in islands unaffected by COVID-19.

Sports activities were suspended across Maldives mid-March when a case of COVID-19 was identified in capital Male'.

A statement released by the Youth Ministry on Tuesday said the ministry has been receiving several requests from the youth to resume sports activities in the islands. The ministry said the Health Protection Agency's Technical Advisory Group on the COVID-19 pandemic has said it has no objections to resuming sports activities in islands unaffected by COVID-19 and in islands where 14 days have passed since the islands were removed from HPA monitoring status. However, TAG discourages sports that require several players, and stressed the importance of practicing social distancing, the Youth Ministry said.

The government has announced that restrictions imposed as a precaution against COVID-19 will be lifted over phases. In this regard, the government has already permitted islands unaffected by COVID-19 to resume congregational prayers at the mosque.