lockdown Protocol

Economic Ministry revises delivery hours

Economic Ministry has announced that the delivery services can be carried out until 2300 hrs in the capital Male’ region, effective from June 1.

Following the partial relief of the lockdown measures imposed on the Male’ region, business hours were revised. An announcement publicized by Economic Ministry stated that shops can open between 0900 to 2100 hrs, and restaurant delivery services from 0900 to 2300hrs. The necessary permits must be obtained from Maldives Police Service, said the ministry.

The lockdown imposed on the Male’ region has been extended for two additional weeks from May 28 onward, with some relief on the lockdown measures. As such, the number of hours allowed for shopping and people that can be out for shopping per household has been increased. Delivery services for tailor shops and most other businesses have been allowed.

The government has indicated that cafes and restaurants will be re-opened after two weeks if the situation does not worsen.