Number of flights may be less than anticipated: Ministry

The Transport Ministry has stated that the anticipated amount of flights may not operate to Maldives once the country re-opens ints borders.

The Maldives closed its borders on March 27 as a precautionary measure against the COVID-19 pandemic. The island nation is preparing to reopen the archipelago once again after a long break of over two months.

The Parliament Committee on National Development and Heritage questioned officials from the Transport Ministry on Wednesday inquiring if the desired number of flights would travel to Maldives once the country opens its borders. The committee also inquired regarding the measures being taken by the government in preparing for flights to resume operation to Maldives.

In his response, State Minister Ahmed Zuhair said the desired amount of flights will not be operated to the Maldives immediately after the borders are re-opened. The first flights to arrive will most likely be private jets, said Zuhair. The minister warned that although the Maldives reopens its borders, the borders of several countries from which tourists frequent to the Maldives may remain closed, which could in turn affect the number of flights operated to the Maldives.

The state minister further said the transport ministry is doing the needful to prepare for the country's re-opening. While airport guidelines are being formulated, it will be publicized when the government announces more information regarding the border re-opening, said Zuhair.

Noting that all predictions are based on assumptions, the minister said it is difficult to accurately state how the country's situation may change in future. He further disclosed that multiple airlines interested in resuming flights have been contacting authorities to inquire when they can resume operation.