Minister reveals plans to restrict number of vehicles in capital

The Transport Ministry has stated that the ministry is working to control and restrict the number of vehicles allowed in capital Male'.

Speaking at the Parliament's Government Oversight committee, Transport Minister Aishath Nahula said vehicle congestion in Male' city is a serious concern, and that the ministry had drafted and submitted a paper on restricting the number of vehicles allowed in Male' city to the cabinet. The paper proposed to discontinue the use of old vehicles and vehicles that have been in use for a specified period of time.

Noting that several dilapidated vehicles are used as taxis in the capital city, the minister said it would be unwise to impose a control on the number of vehicles abruptly. While a large number of people drive taxis to earn a livelihood, the use of old vehicles must be discontinued only after making arrangements for the drivers to secure loans to purchase new vehicles, said the minister.

"I believe there must be some arrangement for them, even a loan scheme. We have to work towards reducing the number of vehicles in Male' even if it is by enforcing such a strategy," said the minister.

Minister Nahula said although a restriction on the number of vehicles have not been imposed in Male' city to date, work is underway to determine the maximum number of motorcycles, cars, pickups and other vehicles.

While the past governments have all agreed that the vehicle congestion in Male' is an issue that needs to be effectively addressed, no parties have been successful in implementing a solution to the issue.