Agriculture Ministry seeks parties to develop gardening models

Agriculture Ministry is seeking parties to develop urban gardening models in one's own lands or house terraces.

As per the announcement published by the ministry, opportunities have been opened for parties interested in preparing model gardens for the programme initiated by the ministry for home gardening in small spaces.

As per the announcement, Agriculture Ministry will provide selected parties with the materials required for preparing the model gardens and the lands or terraces that the gardens will be developed should be within the criteria set by the ministry.

The parties will be selected based on less saltwater exposure of location, ease of entry and exit, the extent to which there is room for public display and promotion and safety of the place. Moreover, the degree to which the owner will contribute to developing the model will also be considered. The extent to which neighbours will be provided with an opportunity to participate for practical experience is included in the selection criteria.

According to the Agriculture Ministry, the programme is being implemented under the government’s efforts and policy to increase participation of the farmers in ensuring the food security of the country.