Maldives participates in "Dream to Travel" festival

Maldives is participating in the 'Dream to Travel' virtual festival organized by PATA ahead of resuming tourism on July 15.

The tourism-dependent island nation closed its doors to tourists on March 27 as a precautionary measure against COVID-19. The country is preparing to re-open its borders and resume tourism after a nearly three-month hiatus.

According to Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC), Maldives is being promoted in the Asian countries during the virtual festival ongoing from June 22 to July 17.

Information on the current condition of the Maldives along with other travel-related information will be provided during the festival. Virtual meetings will be held with tourism experts, and tourism in Asian countries will be promoted in the event, said MMPRC.

Tourism industry businessmen have been stating that not much has been done by MMPRC to promote Maldives on international platforms over the past year. The present Managing Director of MMRC is Thoyyib Mohamed.