Parliament wishes to seek the truth regarding rape case: Deputy Speaker

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Eva Abdulla has stated that the parliament intends to seek the true account of the alleged rape case that occurred on a safari anchored in the lagoon of the reclaimed suburb Hulhumale’ last Friday.

The two men who are alleged to have carried out the offence were abruptly released after being taken into custody, and several media have reported that the victim - an expatriate - was told by the police that the men were being released as they were 'influential men with political connections'. However, the police have denied the allegations and said no influence was exerted on the police to release the suspects. While some local and international media have reported the incident with the victim's account, the police said the victim has not given any interviews to any media.

MP Mohamed Nasheed Abdulla (Mostaa) during Monday's sitting proposed an emergency debate over allegations that the two suspects linked to the case were released due to political influence. Debating the issue, MP Eva said parliament members intend to ensure that the case is investigated with transparency and without any prejudice. The parliament intends to study the issue of the two suspects of the case being released, and that the parliament has no ulterior motives in investigating the case, said MP Eva. Eva said the reasons for the emergency debate and parliament committees deciding to study the case are because the parliament members wish to seek the truth and ensure justice for the victim.

“I’m am sure this parliament does not have any other intention other than ensuring justice for the woman, the victim of the case,” said Eva.

Eva heavily criticized the way police investigations are carried out over the sexual assault cases. She said there would not be many witnesses over such cases, and the suspects should not be released due to 'insufficient evidence'. The relevant authorities should commence investigations after believing the victim's statements, and until the truth is proven, the police investigation should be carried out in that manner, said Eva.

“Whether it be police, Prosecutor General Office, courts, or the parliament, the investigation should be launched after believing the victim’s statement, and [that should remain the focus] until the truth is revealed, and justice is served,” said Eva.