Individuals protest against sexual assault in Parliament House

Some individuals have protested in the parliament house stating appropriate actions are not taken against sexual assault of offenders. The individuals expressed their distress in a forum held held on Wednesday night to obtain public opinion on the police services bill.

While the meeting was ongoing - in which the police also attended, the Individuals who participated in the protest were peacefully sitting in the chairs designated for the public, holding sign boards with various expressions. One of the signs was on “where is zero-tolerance?” while another sign demanded to "protect children".

They questioned the work done by police against sexual assault cases, work done to protect the victims, and what the bill will enable. In response to the questions, Chief Superintend of Police Yusuf Sobah said police have been working to serve justice for the victims and punish the perpetrators. A special victim support desk has also been established and trained professional employees deal with the victims, said the police.

Once the questioning session was closed, those who participated in the demonstration raised from the chairs and chanted ‘where is the zero-tolerance” and called to protect the children.