Parliament approves to pursue NIC President's dismissal

The Parliament has approved to propose to the President the dismissal of National Integrity Commission (NIC)’s President Ahmed Sulaiman. The parliament approved the move with 58 members voting in its favour. No members voted against the motion.

According to the NIC Act, the president of the state holds the power to dismiss members of NIC. The parliament committee on independent institutions earlier approved to pursue Sulaiman’s dismissal as well as that of three other commission members by recommending the move to President Ibrahim Solih. The three members, Hassan Hameed, Ahmed Ameen and Khadeeja Abdulla have since resigned from the commission ahead of the move.

Prior to being appointed to NIC in March 2018, Sulaiman served as the President of the Elections Commission (EC). He was appointed to NIC about a month after he resigned from EC.

The only member remaining on the five member commission is Ahmed Jihad, the spouse of Male’ City Mayor Sifa Muhammad. Jihad was appointed to the commission by the present administration while the four other members were appointed to the commission by the former administration.

The commission was established on 15 October 2015 by former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom. It is an independent legal entity possessing powers to undertake its mandate in its own capacity, and is tasked with investigating unlawful acts of law enforcement agencies and its employees among other responsibilities.