Pres Solih challenges Muizzu's intentions for Maldives' progress

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said the PPM-PNC presidential candidate, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, has no intention of working towards the Maldives' development if he is elected to office.

Addressing a campaign rally at Thaa Hirilandhoo on Sunday, President Solih, seeking re-election, indirectly referred to Dr. Muizzu as a former Housing Minister who failed to bring development to some islands. He noted the success of his administration's efforts in fulfilling the Hirilandhoo people's aspiration for expanded land area through reclamation.

President Solih recalled that both he and former President Abdulla Yameen were asked by Hirilandhoo residents to extend the island's land area during the 2018 presidential campaign. He noted that Yameen declined the request, citing potential vulnerability to waves. While Dr. Muizzu was overseeing such projects as Housing Minister at the time, this raises questions about his commitment to similar projects in the future, the President said.

President Solih boldly stated while development would be hindered if Dr. Muizzu was elected, his government would funnel state funds to high-ranking officials' and Muizzu's personal accounts.

President's pledges for Hirilandhoo

Paving and development of major roads
Development of the island harbour
Conducting a housing project
Development of health center
Installation of a cold storage
Construction of an Islamic center

President Solih remarked that had Muizzu been proactive in island development during the former government, President Solih would not have had to construct power plants across 152 islands and provide water and sewerage infrastructure for over 140 islands. He emphasized that individuals lacking a genuine commitment to public service would continue to face challenges in achieving meaningful outcomes in the future.