COVID-19: Person tests positive in Ha. Ihavandhoo

A crewman of a vessel that travels between Ha Ihavandhoo and capital Male’ tested positive for COVID-19.

The island council said the cashier of the boat ‘242’ had returned to Ihavandhoo after concluding a trip last Tuesday. He exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 on the second day after his return. The results were received on Saturday night.

The council said the positive individual had been to several locations across the island and had come in contact with a large number of people. While contact tracing is currently ongoing, the island is on HPA monitoring status, the council said.

The individual is currently in home isolation. Since his condition is stable, he has not been transferred to the COVID-19 facility in Ihavandhoo thus far.

10 people who traveled on boat ‘Savaari’ between capital Male’ and HDh, Ha. Atoll also tested positive for COVID-19 over the past few days. Movement from Ha. Kelaa, Dhidhdhoo, Vashafaru as well as HDh. Nolhivarafaru have been temporarily suspended due to links to the patients.